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It is a difficult if not impossible task to try and find a person on earth who has not had their life affected by cancer. Personally I have watched kind people who I loved lose the battle against cancer and in their last moments they displayed the greatest strengths I have ever known.

Earlier in my life, before I had first-hand experience with the fight against cancer I was in a rare state of heart-broken inspiration as I watched Terry Fox fight his greatest fight not only on the Canadian stage but the world stage.

I think that other than my family Mr. Fox has had the most positive impact on my life. He inspired me to live life; to be a soldier in life, to explore –  to seek the deepest parts of my soul and faith and to find bravery and face situations which offer little or no hope of a positive outcome.

I remember researching the lives of people who lived so bravely and accomplished so much after they were told of terminal health issues. I thought to myself why must I wait for “overtime” to begin to live with such gusto and I went on a decade long journey of exploration, experience and self-discovery. I met other like-minded people and experienced life at a new elevated level; a life worth living and sharing.

One day in Australia in the midst of a bicycle challenge that I had created for myself I realized that I had seen three different oceans in a single bike ride and the enormity of it all changed me forever. I, just an ordinary man, was truly capable of extraordinary things and if I am, believe me; you are too.

I created the Tour of British Columbia so that others could experience the wonderment of massive accomplishment and I chose to support  the Canadian Cancer Society because it simply was the right thing to do. If as many people as are capable can do just their part we will win more fights against this relentless disease, more people will survive and people that can’t help themselves will have they help they need and deserve.

Join us for the adventure; support the Canadian Cancer Society because it supports you and every person you love.

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Perry Stone
President, Ultraletic Sports Ltd.
Founder, Tour of British Columbia