First TourdeBC Champion

News Release

August 13th, 2014

(Vancouver, BC) Perry Stone, President, Ride Canada, Race Director Tour of British Columbia announces the completion of the first inaugural 5,200 kilometers Canadian ultra-endurance bicycle race the Tour of British Columbia held August 3rd to August 13th, 2014. Presented as the roughest, toughest , longest and most beautiful ultra-endurance bicycle race on earth the Tour of British Columbia is 5,147 kilometers long with nearly 54,000 meters of climbing. Competitors must compete 24 hours a day and with no stages or rests incorporated into the challenge.

The 2014 Tour of British Columbia was won by Alessandro Colo of Italy. The veteran Italian ultra-marathon cyclist , 53 year old spin instructor from Rome, Italy  won the first ever race in a time of  9 days 16, hours and 46 minutes.  Colò who has competed in the race across America 4 times, and who has  numerous appearances in the Furnace Creek 508, The Fireweed and the Race Across Oregon and several European races was the sole competitor.

Contacted by Perry Stone, Colò was advised of the situation in advance of the race but opted to ride anyway and invited Stone to observe the race from inside his support vehicles. The two accompanied by 5 support crew members set out to establish a record for the event.

Asked why there was only one racer, race-director  P. Stone stated: We built a spectacular course in terrain that millions of people select as their vacation location annually. We designed a course that offers everything from mountains and valleys, to glaciers, rain forests, remote locations, wildlife and limited or reduced traffic. We priced registrations at extremely attractive fees and we did anticipate a stronger field but we are very pleased with Mr. Colo’s enthusiasm and  performance. As our champion he is invited back next year to defend his title with a complimentary registration.

Colò stated: “We won. We are the first to finish the Tour of British Columbia. I’m happy and satisfied to have overcome all difficulties of this race. I had a fantastic time (9 days and 17 hours) and also thanks to a fantastic crew. We worked with determination,  all the hard work of a year-long training and sacrifices. Now I’m tired. swollen and I have  aching legs but mentally satisfied and serene with the desire to schedule another challenge. Thank you very much for this experience, I’ll take it in my heart forever!”

The Tour of British Columbia will take place in early July 2015 register today at