The inaugural Tour of British Columbia route captures the very best natural beauty that Canada has to offer. Cyclist will climb over 48,000 vertical meters (157,000 feet) as they make their way through several mountain ranges as they pass by glaciers and the fresh water lakes and rivers they feed. Wildlife is abundant, bears populate much of the course and huge bison are found in the northern regions, but everywhere wildlife provides a shy audience for the race with over 450 different species living along the course.

National & Provincial Parks, World Heritage Sites, and the summer resorts of the Okanagan, Williams Lake, Whistler, and the remote northern hinterlands of the province all provide a spectacular back drop to the intensity of the cycling. To learn more about the course please visit this link and to learn more about British Columbia, Canada please visit this page. We have also displayed a couple of galleries of images that were all shot on course, you may them here: Route photosWildlife Images, and we selected a few YouTube videos that showcase the route here

While we targeted producing a course that would challenge the world’s strongest ultra-endurance cyclists we were also very keen at making the course more rider-friendly to a wider scope of cyclists. We accomplished this by providing more generous official time limits for each established division. However to qualify for elite recognition you better bring your “A” race to the course. Set for August 3rd, 2014 the tour of BC allows riders all of spring and a generous portion of summer to prepare for their challenge.

To truly be rider-friendly we have worked to reduce cost for competitors in any way we could, (including registration fees). By both starting and finishing in White Rock, BC participants will be able to book round trip tickets via either the Bellingham International Airport located in Washington State, USA and only 30 kilometers from White Rock or they may chose Vancouver International Airport on the Canadian side of the border (still within 30 kilometers of the start/ finish line). Support vehicles, SUV’s, other vehicles and motor-homes may also be rented and returned to the same location.

Our registration fees, which may be viewed here, include even lower rates for those cyclists who take advantage of our reservation system and early bird rates.

The Tour of British Columbia is an exciting new event developed to provide the utmost in challenge in a spectacular setting. It all begins in in White Rock, British Columbia on August 3rd, 2014. We invite you to participate and discover exactly how far you can go!