A Roadside Ramble

We are in South Quesnel waiting for you know who. It is 33, 32.5 in the shade at 7 pm. I asked Laura if she knew when her father as due to arrive. She was almost comatose in the shade waiting to sleep when she answered; “ Yes, I don’t know, he will be hear soon or maybe not I don’t know, my brother is with him he will be here too when my father gets her. I am not sure.

Glad we got that settled and then AC arrived.

I enjoy AC’s sense of humor and he rode his bike right over to me to complain about the heat. I laughed like the devil himself and told him he complained about the cold and now he has hot. He laughed in a way that made me think that he will try to pay me back. It’s kind of funny the way a rider gets after ultra-distance, they become childlike, they need control, maybe discipline and attention.  I said to AC, “wouldn’t you be more comfortable with your shoes off and he responded yes with a hopeful look. I repeated that he would feel better if he took them off and he did and the look on his face told me I was correct. He wears these farmer Brown type socks which look very hot but he swears by them.

There was great debate over the location of his rebuild – massage, new clothes, nutrition and pep talk. He got in the small car and drove it 60 feet, got out and laid down on the grass in the shade in full view of passing traffic. His modesty no longer exists but Daniela preferred something less public. After prolonged assessment and consideration they moved to  a neutral site outside my range of view.

This is the road I love, hot, unknown and somehow simultaneously inviting but urging your forward progress. I like talking to the locals and travelers alike, I like testing out new humor, (who cares if they don’t like it) I like identifying the harmless whack job and stating the elephant in the room. Almost everyone seems more friendly. Many talk of Robin Williams, it is always especially said when a clown dies. He brought joy to so many, shame he could just become Patch Adams again. Robin Williams liked bikes, too bad he didn’t join us.

I talked to a couple from Virginia who were headed for Alaska and the only positive thing these two banjo-brained Americans could say was “sure, its nice scenery but we just want to get there”. I hope the city is planning a parade.

AC told me he expects to take another 50 hours to finish which would roughly work out to a 12.72 mph average pace. I think the heat hit him hard today and he might be a bit sluggish when he takes the road for the overnight shift. I know I would be but then again I get tired making a sandwich.

Heading for Cache Creek is going to be a slap in the face for AC but it will be a spectacular ride. No banjo music on this express.