South to Alaska

I fear that I may never catch up if I try to report on yesterday, so for now a brief summary. The highlights of the day were headwinds, massive road maintenance delays and unpaved ground, a loss of cell service and wife and one agitated ultra-endurance rider named Colo. I don’t want to bash the guy as I appreciate the massive stress he is under and the strain on his body and the diminishing faculties that I like to call rider brain. It happened, he recovered we recovered and on went the Colò road show. Again I say it: impressive.

Overnight he fought his way along the Alaska Highway visiting nowhere, seeing nothing just riding like a bat out of hell. In the morning he continued on  towards Watson Lake in the Yukon. This is a major point in our race because of two things. First it is as far north as we go and after about a 35 k westerly jag, we turned south to Alaska (see image) Smithers, Prince George, Whistler and the finish line on the pier in White Rock, BC some 2,100 kilometers away.

The Stewart Cassiar Highway is nearly paradise for cyclist but the road grade can be rough as in a the seal coat and the road is narrow but the scenery and rate of traffic more than makes up for it. And I have to figure Alessandro is entirely business now, he pulled in about 60 k down the road and went to work cleaning his change. I thought his procedure was a little excessive but the fact is the man has ridden over 3,000 kilometers in 6 days and I have to figure that the man knows what he is doing.


When he was ready to roll again I wished him luck and told him to watch out for crocodiles, he replied” Thank you very much”. I told you he is focused. I got evicted from the escort car earlier and now I am riding in the advance vehicle with Daniela and Laura. Fortunately Laura was in a talkative mode which helps keep me awake and more alert. Daniela rode in the back rested and read and she deserves it. The woman somehow manages to help Alessandro with 24/7 assistance.

We rolled along took a few photos, hoped for a bear sighting or two and made our way to Jade City. Cool little place selling, um, you guessed it “jade”. Turns out the tiny little metropolis on the side of the highway is in final preparations for a Discovery TV reality series.  When we rolled into town I thought of Swamp People so it might have a good run in it.

Its 8.15 pm and Alessandro went by yet again. This time not stopping, I yelled out some encouragement and two locals started polishing and generally massaging their shotguns so I kind of wished that I was not so enthusiastic. But any way off he went in search of Dease Lake in the land of jade. Pure magic