Sunday, Brutal Sunday

Sunday, Brutal Rainy Sunday

Tough night on le “Tour”. Nothing but rain and isolated roads. I was behind Alessandro driving the escort vehicle when I had a “wobble” a temporary lapse of consciousness which was fortunately interrupted by Daniela screaming something in Italian. At the time we were 60 kilometers into our shift and Alessandro had not stopped at all. Daniela and I started up a pretend conversation to keep me alert, she would talk in Italian and I would say the most ridiculous things I could think of hoping that she didn’t understand and it worked as we delivered him to his next driver at the 83 kilometer mark on the Stewart Cassiar Highway.

I then went with the advance team and I slept as Fabrizio drove. I woke up 2 hours later and he was still driving which worried me, I mean how far advance are we going I wondered? Soon we pulled into a lodge and gas station and slept. At daybreak when it opened we filled the truck’s tank and drank coffee. I shaved for the first time to the dismay of the bathroom attendant.

8.36 and we wait. FINALLY the rain has stopped. As I wait I cannot imagine Alessandro being in a good state or mood but we will find out shortly.

10:38 and still no Alessandro and company.

Still no more rain but the day is dark and promotes doubt and fear. What we have learned is that we last saw Alessandro 141 kilometers ago about 8 hours ago. We watched as two search and rescue helicopters flew off on assignment; one was going to Smithers to airlift someone to a hospital and the other was to search the mountainous forest for two hikers that are 2 days overdue.

I want to go back on the course but it is Alessandro’s crew and they will do as they think best but if it was me I would have gone back long ago. Laura, Lorenzo and Fabrizio handled the laundry details.

11:25 I have talked to two motorists who have sighted Alessandro. One said he was resting, the later said he was riding and close to our location. Two more helicopters  have landed and flown off; it is a busy day in the search and rescue industry. Our own communications shut down by lack of a signal. We sit and wait – isn’t adventure great!

11:28 the crew seems good and if they are worried about anything they are not showing it. I wish I could feel the same but I do not say anything.

11:42 NO Colo. His daughter watches to road like a mother waiting for her child but fortunately she is distracted by the people who talk to her in passing.

11:49 Laura abandons her watch and returns to laundry facilities as I sit in advance vehicle and wonder what we will be dealing with. I know things aren’t always what they seem but the last thing I expect when A.C. arrives is a happy spirit.

11:52 Fade to Black


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