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Tour of British ColumbiaTourdeBc ultra endurance bicycle racing

ultra-cycling-tdbcAn ultra-endurance cycling event of epic proportions the Tour of British Columbia, the Rider’s Race is an opportunity for a wide range of cyclists to discover exactly how far they can go. We are honored to present one of the world’s truly great challenges of physical and mental stamina: A single-stage ultra-endurance bicycle race over 5,100 kilometers long. Welcome to our site.

The ultra-endurance race which starts and finishes in White Rock, British Columbia is rich both natural beauty and physical demands. Along the way riders will experience the ever evolving landscapes of the Canadian Rockies, the Alaska Highway, the lakes and orchards of the Okanagan Valley, World Heritage Sites, two of Canada’s internationally renowned National Parks, glaciers, rain forest and British Columbia’s spectacular and remote north. Populating the course are over 450 different animal species including high-alpine mountain goats, bears, bison, eagles, deer and moose.

umca_logo170The competition is open to soloists and relay teams with 2 or 4 riders who are over the age of 19 with the physical ability and bicycle handling skills required to safely complete the course. (There are more than 27 Category 1 & 2 climbs) For those that are not prepared are do not have the time to participate in the world’s longest ultra-race, we offer to lesser distance routes, the BC Explorer (2,800 kms) and thePowerCranks Contender (1,600 kms), All events run simultaneously.

As in all ultra-endurance events riders are timed from the start line to the finish line and are awarded one of three levels of accomplishment, Elite, Competitor or Official Finisher which is based on completion times. To be awarded Elite Recognition a soloist must complete the Tour of British Columbia in less than 240 hours while an Official Finisher has 398 hours. “Please see Time Limits” for more information.

To participate, each rider must provide and organize their own escort crew who enhances team safety and enable riders to concentrate on the cycling.

The Tour of British Columbia is an amateur ultra-endurance cycling approximately 5,145 kilometers long with 64,000 meters of climbing (about 8 times up Mt. Everest). We proudly have tagged our event as the Rider’s Race and it is more than just a random name it was selected because the event was designed with the racer’s experience as the first priority. Please consider the following benefits of participation:

A superior route exploring the world-renowned natural beauty and wildlife of Canada’s western provinces.

Extended sections of extremely isolated roads.
August start date to allow more pre-race training in summer conditions.
Three levels of accomplishment to allow more riders to compete and complete while still protecting the integrity of elite riders accomplishments.
Start s and finish lines are in the same location which helps with the logistics of organizing your team and reduces the cost of participation.
Extremely low registration fees when compared to similar events

We invite you to review the information provided on this website and register for the Tour of British Columbia and discover exactly how far you can go.