A True Story – Riding on Canvas

perry-stoneAbout ten years ago I found myself in Australia on my third circumnavigation of that great continent. This story tells why I love ultra-cycling and why I am working to share the sport with the world. As Lance Armstrong so infamously stated way back then, “It’s not about the bike” and well one of the beautiful things about ultra-cycling is it is not about shortcuts or even finishing first, it is about the ride, the journey, the adventure, the self-discovery.  I think only soldiers get more in touch with themselves than an ultra-cyclist who fears he may have bitten off more than he or she can ride.

“Riding on Canvas” was my slowest trek around Australia and by far the hardest as I towed a trailer and left the escort crew at home. I broke my bike frame near the absolute middle of no-where but another one was dispatched immediately and the local bike shop did a masterful job of switching everything over. While I lost 4 or 5 days I decided there was no option but to continue. It was quite possibly the greatest ride of my life.

Riding on Canvas

On a desolate aged and weather beaten road spanning the obscure habitats of infinity a cyclist is drawn by the magical lure of faraway places. His heart and muscles weave a tapestry of effort and desire so intricate that the distinction between reality and illusion becomes blurred; each overlapping the other.

Like a champion race horse breaking free from the starter’s gate he explodes with determination, consuming and devouring the challenge; each pedal stroke serving like a fork delivering more fuel to his fire and motion. Innately he is compelled to strive for more and more in every action he takes until in a single suspended moment that defies the logical order of our universe rider and bike fuse together becoming a missile hell-bent on speed and the obliteration of distance.  

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