A Vertical Century.


A Vertical Century?

Our Tour of British Columbia route/map maker, Ron Penner, sent us a map today which combined all three of our routes and my head starting spinning about a vertical century. 

It wasn’t the distance that surprised me, I mean that is simple to deduce but it seems my brain blocked out calculating the total climbing which comes in at 129,000 meters or 130 kilometers or 80 miles “up”. Please visit http://goo.gl/1uhc30

Once I chewed on that for a moment I begin to think about a vertical century. In all my days of cycling I have never heard of anyone speaking about completing or even attempting a vertical century. If you have rode a vertical century or know someone who has, we loved to hear about it? Or maybe you’re up for the challenge? 

If someone rode all three of our routes they would complete well over a metric vertical century but if someone rode the BC Explorer and the Tour of BC Routes they would ride just over a vertical century along with 7,947 kilometers of distance. The distance may be enough to rattle the confidence of most people but not everyone I am sure. I rode 14,300 kilometers 3 times so if you look at it that way, it is definitely doable: a vertical century.

A vertical century would put you into outer space which according to the thinkers at NASA begins at the 81 kilometer mark.

A vertical century is a serious challenge and if you just want to work up to it we suggest you ride one our three races, the BC Contender, the BC Explorer or the Tour of British Columbia. If you are ready to give a full vertical metric century a go, just register for the Tour of BC and the BC Explorer and will keep the courses open for you and cheer you on at the end. The beer is on us!

BC Contender: 1,619 kilometers + 27,212 meters of climbing
BC Explorer: 2,820 kilometers + 39,116 meters of climbing
Tour of British Columbia:  5,145 kilometers + 64,284 meters of climbing