What’s your race plan?

stone-smallAn Introduction to Ultra-cycling Team racing Strategy (4-6-8 rider teams)

Developing a logical, safe and efficient race plan is an essential element of competing in an ultra-endurance cycling event. To create your race plan, you need to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and do your best to maximize your strengths while minimizing the later. Serious consideration and planning are critical to developing a race plan that allows your team’s best efforts to become realized.

Elements to be considered:

1)     Objective – what do you hope to accomplish?

2)     Safety – nobody wins or accomplishes anything when safety is compromised.

3)     Resources – can your funds and support crew support your plan?

4)     Adaptability – lots of race plans look great on paper, but things change quickly out on a course so be prepared to adapt.

5)     Experience – whether you have it or not, find ways to acquire it before you race.

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